Blue Hours/ an exhibition in four parts over six days / Part II

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Blue Hours

The Longest Day I 2017
Print installation
Cyanotypes on mulberry paper
17 prints, various dimensions
The Longest Day II 2017
Time-lapse video, 11m 20s

Awake 2017
Found mattress
190 x 95 x 12 cm
5:55–18:33 2017
Sleep performance, 12 hrs 38 mins
Time-lapse video, 7m 59s

The Last Light (Blue Hour) 2016
Print installation
Cyanotypes on handmade mulberry paper
80 prints, 10 x 15 cm
The Last Light 2016
Time-lapse video, 2m 24s

Year Round
Moonrise 2017
Time-lapse video, 1m 11s


The Studio

DSCF1109DSCN0106DSCF1117DSCF1118DSCF1125DSCN0114DSCN0112photo 4

Nature Caress – series of 30 mokuhanga prints and carved birch ply woodblocks, sumi ink on handmade mulberry paper, Highgreen, Northumberland, 2016 – 2017

Losing you for Good – Hand-stitched Cyanotype silk panels,  150 x 77 cm, Vernal Equinox — Summer Solstice 2017

This Place you Return to is Home – knitted artefact
locally dyed indigo yarn from Blue Faced Leicester sheep,
October 2016 – Present

Fragments of ‘Blue Hours’

FRONT COVER BlueHours17Install Longest day8Install Longest day22WINTER BH install10WINTER NEW INSTALL 6

Blue Hours / an exhibition in four parts

Highgreen, Northumberland
16th & 17th September 2017 *
12pm – 6pm
3pm artist readings

Join me for seasonal treats

*exhibition continues until 21st September, by appointment only

Khosro Adibi will be presenting recent work in/outside the newly converted engine house. for further details

Photos: Blue Hours by Khosro Adibi

Weak from Dreaming – the making of


‘Weak from Dreaming’ is a site specific installation in the derelict shooting hut less than a mile from Highgreen. It’s creation will mark the Autumn equinox on September 21st and the end of my one year residency with VARC. The work can be experienced during the weekend opening of ‘Blue Hours, an exhibition in four parts’ on September 16th & 17th 2017. The design, construction and installation has been made possible due to the time, energy, generosity and vision of Khosro Aldibi and VARC.