DSCF1276DSCN8285DSCN8271LMS 13 Hibernate (video still from durational performance in 'Weak from Dreaming') 2017DSCF8118DSCF7495DSCF8126



Hibernate was a durational performance filmed on the Autumn Equinox 2017 within the site-specific installation Weak from Dreaming, a 4 meter high one-person observatory located in a derelict shooting hut, on the Highgreen estate. This performance (12 hours 38 minutes) marked the culmination of my year-long residency with VARC as well as the completion of This Place You Return to is Home, a hand-knitted cocoon of locally dyed indigo yarn, a stitched year in time.

The time-lapse video can be seen in full here: https://vimeo.com/

Photographs of the performance by Khosro Adibi.


Blue Hours/ an exhibition in four parts over six days / Part II

DSCN8154DSCN8174DSCN8162DSCN8137DSCN8106Install Awake 20DSCN8115LMS5WINTER BH install1WINTER BH install9WINTER BH install8WINTER Edit install 16Moonrise1Moonrise11

Blue Hours

The Longest Day I 2017
Print installation
Cyanotypes on mulberry paper
17 prints, various dimensions
The Longest Day II 2017
Time-lapse video, 11m 20s

Awake 2017
Found mattress
190 x 95 x 12 cm
5:55–18:33 2017
Sleep performance, 12 hrs 38 mins
Time-lapse video, 7m 59s

The Last Light (Blue Hour) 2016
Print installation
Cyanotypes on handmade mulberry paper
80 prints, 10 x 15 cm
The Last Light 2016
Time-lapse video, 2m 24s

Year Round
Moonrise 2017
Time-lapse video, 1m 11s

The Studio

DSCF1109DSCN0106DSCF1117DSCF1118DSCF1125DSCN0114DSCN0112photo 4

Nature Caress – series of 30 mokuhanga prints and carved birch ply woodblocks, sumi ink on handmade mulberry paper, Highgreen, Northumberland, 2016 – 2017

Losing you for Good – Hand-stitched Cyanotype silk panels,  150 x 77 cm, Vernal Equinox — Summer Solstice 2017

This Place you Return to is Home – knitted artefact
locally dyed indigo yarn from Blue Faced Leicester sheep,
October 2016 – Present

Fragments of ‘Blue Hours’

FRONT COVER BlueHours17Install Longest day8Install Longest day22WINTER BH install10WINTER NEW INSTALL 6

Blue Hours / an exhibition in four parts

Highgreen, Northumberland
16th & 17th September 2017 *
12pm – 6pm
3pm artist readings

Join me for seasonal treats

*exhibition continues until 21st September, by appointment only

Khosro Adibi will be presenting recent work in/outside the newly converted engine house.

www.varc.org.uk for further details

Photos: Blue Hours by Khosro Adibi