A mini-residency at Highgreen


In early May eight wonderful Fine Art undergraduates from Newcastle University came to Highgreen for a mini – residency / workshop in the VARC studio. It was such a pleasure to have their enthusiasm and energy, sharing their varied approaches to their individual practices. We walked on the moors, carved wood blocks in the sun, printed in the barn, made pizzas in the woods, drank cider in the beer garden, ate chilli at the Boothy, made picnics on the lawn and shared our skills and stories each day of what felt like a very special week together. A very magical mini-residency.

Open Studio



So thankful to everyone who left the sunshine to come into the studio at Highgreen at the end of April. I am so grateful for your continued support and interest in the work I am making here. x


The sun sets on six months


The sun sets outside the kitchen window, a yolk of light sinking into the horizon. The days are lengthening and I forget I am hungry. The light follows my pattern of the day, rising in the corner of the high arch window of the Dovecot, gently kissing me awake. I rotate, gradually, caressing the day, as the sun dances over the studio walls. Each sheeet of paper has its moment in the spotlight. The sun lowers its gaze and runs its fingertips across my brow when it’s time to retreat home. We are at last finding our rhythm, here, together.